i dont pedal i scooter
dani. toronto.
and i accept the fact that someone has to win worst-dressed


when you’re a thief: (I’m a thief I’m a thief) you can call me a thief

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Chicago - 8/29

Chicago - 8/29

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SO IM AT THE MORGUE AND THIS WOMAN TAPS MY SHOULDER AND SHES LIKE “are you the guy from tumblr?” AND IM LIKE “i guess” AND SHES LIKE “i follow your blog and my recently deceased husband *points at him* saw your selfie page and he said he would fuck you” I LAUGHED SO HARD AND SAID “thanks man means a lot” AND HE JUST SAID NOTHING CAUSE HE’S DEAD THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER I LOVE YOU GUYS


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i hate it when people call me funny because I feel like I have to say something really funny again and I just can’t handle that pressure

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if any of you are planning to leak one direction’s new album please wait till im online thanks

When 12-year-old girls are watching something like the CW’s long-running campy drama One Tree Hill (which aired from 2003-2012), in which actors like 25-year-old Hilarie Burton played 17-year-old cheerleader Peyton Sawyer, they’re not seeing an accurate portrayal of their future on screen. They’re seeing a glamorized vision of some executive’s idealized version of high school instead. When a real 16-year-old cheerleader flips on the CW and sees fellow pompom shakers who look like Burton or costar Sophia Bush, also well beyond her high school years, they’re looking at themselves at wondering why they don’t look like that in their uniform. Here’s the secret: they didn’t when they were 16, either.

Samantha Wilson, Why Teenagers Need to Play Teenagers On Screen (via thunderboltandlightning)

Aka the thesis of my entire tumblr.

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I have very strong feelings about this and age accurate casting in general.

(via thetrekkiehasthephonebox)

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Most to Least Likely to Zone out of a Conversation



  1. Pisces
  2. Gemini
  3. Sagittarius
  4. Aquarius
  5. Libra
  6. Aries
  7. Leo
  8. Capricorn
  9. Cancer
  10. Taurus
  11. Virgo
  12. Scorpio
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